The NRA Range Source Book
NRA's guide to planning and constructing shooting ranges

The newly revised 2012 Edition is now available! Along with an expansive updated drawings section, you will find many updated sections on lead management, revised design recommendations, and new information on the latest NRA programs available. This new edition replaces the previously available 1999 version. We strongly recommend that all existing and potential range owners and operators obtain a copy of this latest edition to stay current with NRA's recommendations for shooting range development and design.

Purpose of Source Book
The NRA Range Source Book provides both basic and advanced guidance to assist in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of shooting range facilities. The source book discusses methods and technologies which may result in a fuller use of range operations.


Source Book Design
The NRA Range Source Book is designed to provide technical guidance and typical examples of physical layout and equipment used on shooting ranges for various firearms, ammunition types and shooting activities.

Range Categories
Ranges are categorized by the type of construction, shooting activity, target, firearms and ammunition to be used on the facility.

Source Book Organization
The NRA Range Source Book is divided into two types of chapters: general and technical. General chapters deal with information necessary for any shooting facility, while the technical chapters concern specific shooting activities.

Source Book Overview
The NRA Range Source Book provides basic drawings of range layout and equipment. It is not practical to discuss local ordinances or zoning/building codes or specific topographic conditions. The technical information along with information gathered from on-site visits and from studying local ordinances provides the basis for planning and design of a range facility. Simply to impose a "standard" plan onto a parcel of land or in an existing building, without considering the site's individual conditions, is to invite improper planning with unsatisfactory results.

Proper design work requires practical understanding and knowledge of local ordinances, codes and engineering principles. Therefore, it is recommended that an architect, engineer, or consultant experienced in range planning and design be consulted from the onset.

The NRA Range Source Book is a technical source book for shooting range builders and operators. The source book will provide certain information and strategies that may or may not be useful or applicable, depending upon the particular circumstances and objectives of a particular range. All information contained within is in the form of suggested practices only, and no standards are stated or implied. Failure to follow any of the suggestions in The NRA Range Source Book in no way implies that the range is being operated negligently. Nothing contained within The NRA Range Source Book shall be construed as a standard for the evaluation of any specific shooting facility.

You can order a copy of the NRA Range Source Book online at the NRA Program Materials Center, or call 800-336-7402 to order item AR14860.

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